Dr. George Lorin Miller (1830-1920)

Category: Commerce, politics, journalism
Death date: August 28, 1920
Years in state: 1854-1920
State contribution: State senator, founder of Omaha Herald, promoter of agriculture and tree planting
National contribution: promoted railroads and Omaha Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition of 1898.

Dr. George Lorin Miller, founder of the Omaha Daily Herald, which later became part of the Omaha-World Herald, arrived in Omaha in 1854, the year Nebraska territory was created. He started a medical practice in Omaha, but soon became a politician and a journalist. If you’re interested in making a research project about him, you can contact one of the best custom writing service and ask the writers there for help.

The New York native was graduated from medical school in New York City in 1852 and practiced in Syracuse, N.Y. for two years before coming to Nebraska. During his first year in Nebraska, Miller was elected to the territorial legislature. He served one year in the house and then was elected to three terms in the council. He ran for territorial delegate to Congress in 1864 but was defeated. The next year he started the Omaha Daily Herald and was its editor for about 23 years before selling it in 1887.

Miller made many worthy contributions to the state. He helped in acquiring for Omaha the transcontinental railroad and the Union Pacific bridge. He assisted in recruiting the First Nebraska Regiment prior to the Civil War and thereafter was sutler at Fort Kearny until 1864.

Miller, along with George Holdrege, manager of the Burlington Railroad lines west of the Missouri, was instrumental in successfully introducing winter wheat into Nebraska, and advocated a new method of sowing wheat. He was a promoter of tree-planting and a booster of Nebraska agriculture.

Dr. Miller served on committees to promote the 1899 Trans-Mississippi Exposition in Omaha and was its president in 1899. He served as president of the Nebraska State Historical Society from 1907-1909. Miller died in Omaha on August 28,1920.